Artists Statement

re Pottery:

I work at making pottery from the point of view of a painter.  Each pot is a new composition-where color, texture and line describe the underlying form.  I make work within the constraints of traditional production pottery dealing with the rhythm and speed of throwing on a wheel,  making useful forms including plates, serving pieces, mugs, vases, etc.  My wood fired work includes more free form, handbuilt pieces. 

I do consider pottery a most challenging art form.  How to create a work of art that can be used in daily life, that can be held in the hands or put to the lips, that satisfies the eye and the hand, that can be reused time and time again, and washed and dried; and through constant use can become even more appreciated- to do this requires an understanding of design, proportion and color, as well as a little chemistry and physics.  I have the privilege of trying to meet this challenge every time I make a pot.  

re painting: 

Gesture, color, marks, intuition, practice, inspiration: these are elements of my recent paintings.  I make marks, and have been making  marks on surfaces  for  65 years: squiggles doodles and sketches.  My own personal marks have become my  individual style.

I want my paintings to reflect the emotional impact of color and light. I put down beautiful spots of color- then react to what I see.  - thats how I paint now. I  react to the movement , the patterns, the gesture, made and remade, until it somehow begins to resonate.  My new paintings are mostly 4x4 feet, oil on canvas, so scale and proportion are important.  I want my paintings to be astonishing, rhythmic and beautiful designs.  I keep working…….

My Story so far

As a child and young adult, I moved a lot.  My dad was in the military so we lived in China, France, North Carolina, and northern Virginia, moving every two years.  I later joined the Peace Corps and went to Peru with my new husband. There I designed woolskin products for a local artisan cooperative.

I have a degree in Languages from Georgetown University, where I studied French and German.  I later learned Spanish in Peru.  I studied painting and printmaking at Princeton University and the Boston Museum School, however I’m mainly self taught.  I studied Ceramics with Ann Tsubota at Raritan Valley College.

I’ve had galleries show my paintings in Washington DC and Lambertville NJ,  and have shown for the last 2 years at the Ellarslie Open in Trenton, NJ.   I am a founding member of the Covered Bridge Artisans annual studio tour  where I sell most of my work.